(11) Improving Students’ Learning Achievement through Direct Learning Model with Talking Stick Media on Natural Science Subject in Grade V of SD 3 Linggasari

Poni Tiara Rachmadani, Karma Iswasta Eka, Cicih Wiarsih


Background of this study was the low learning achievement of the students in
grade V. The purpose of this studywas to improve students’ learning achievement
in natural science through direct learning model with talking stickmedia. It was a
classroom action research consisting of 2 cycles. Each cycle was conducted in two
meetings.Subject of this study was 22 students of grade V consisting of 12 male
students and 10 female students. Datacollection techniques used were evaluation
sheets, teacher activity observation sheets, student activityobservation sheets. The
results of the study showed that the direct learning model with talking stick media
canimprove science achievement. It was proven by the increasing of the students’
average value from cycle I to cycleII. The average value of was 60.9 with 45%
learning mastery in cycle I and 76 with 90% learning mastery in cycleII. It can be
concluded that the direct learning model with talking stick media can improve
learning achievementrequiring the students’ readiness and concentration in
following the learning process in class.
Keywords: Direct Learning Model, Learning achievement, talking stick media

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